Whiptail Publishing

Bragging Rights

Whiptail Successes

There's much of which to be proud when it comes to improving myself to better serve my customers including:

* Webmaster Certificate 2004
* New Media Certificate 2009
* Internet Marketing Master of Science 2010
* Google AdWords Search & Display 2011
* Google AdWords Certified Partner 2011

Our proudest moment, however, was publishing "Talin's Courage," an online news series and forum about a teen who was injured severely when a car hit him in a crosswalk on his way to school.

The series struck a local chord. We're proud of its role in getting the speed limit lowered in front of the school.


Whiptail Publishing knows authors.

We understand the dedication required to finish a book, the challenges of finding a publisher and the agony of waiting for your brain child to find its way into bookstores.

We also know the joy of meeting people who have read and loved your work. It's gratifying to listen to readers who can't wait to share verbal memoirs after having read one of yours.

How do we know? Because we've been there.

How many Internet Marketing businesses can say the same?

No, we're not the largest. We're highly targeted. We have passion. And that makes all the difference.